Lima Round 1

This city is loud. Car horns blaring, brass bands marching the street, people yelling over each other in open-air markets – Lima is buzzing.

Even the food is loud. I’ve had some incredible meals since arriving, and each one has delivered a punch that tears through my stuffed sinuses and leaves me wanting more. Rocoto peppers are everywhere, and are a new favorite kick. More about my standout meal so far below.

I’ve also met some really nice folks at Puriwasi Hostel here in the Miraflores neighborhood. It’s refreshing meeting people from all across the world. There’s a nice rooftop bar here, and I’ve done my due diligence in tasting the Lima classic, the Pisco Sour.

I’m getting plenty of Spanish practice with my friend Maite (my co-baker Fredy’s daughter) who has been super helpful in keeping me alive and entertained.


Maido Extravaganza

Ok…now the food raving. I had my mind blown yesterday at Maido. My partner-in-crime Nikki and I splurged on an 11-course meal that thoroughly obliterated my chef’s ego.

This take on Nikkei food (Japanese-Peruvian fusion) featured incredible ingredients sourced from the Pacific Ocean to the Andes Mountains to the Amazon Jungle. Here are pictures (click to enlarge) of the courses in the order they were served, with a menu at the end…


Next Up

I’m heading to the zoo/botanical gardens today, then a quick trip to Ica this weekend, and off to Cusco on Tuesday!


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